Monday, 31 March 2008

bad math

In the race for the most popular votes in the Democratic Party's presidential primary contests, Sen. Barack Obama's lead over Sen. Hillary Clinton is about 711,000 votes -- not including Florida or Michigan -- according to Real Clear Politics.

Of Sen. Obama's 711,000 popular-vote lead, 650,000 -- or more than 90% of the total margin -- comes from Sen. Obama's home state of Illinois, with 429,000 of that lead coming from his home base of Cook County.

That margin in Cook County represents almost 60% of Obama's total lead nationwide.

From instapundit.

Technically (other than an equivocation on the word 'margin'), the claim is true. But (using the same methodology) it is also true that 526,000 of his 711,000 vote lead (74%!) comes from Los Angeles County, California--a region Clinton won with 700,000 votes.

Could we please have some real analysis?

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