Friday, 19 October 2007

7 am

7 am, originally uploaded by hoobiewan.

Although it's dark when the plane lands at six, by seven it's possible to see enough to wander, though it's still far too early for any shops to be open. The streets of Amsterdam, like those of most very old cities, do not even approximate a grid shape. I snap this picture of a canal tour routemap and use it to find the sites of sights for the rest of the day:

Amsterdam, originally uploaded by hoobiewan.

It's close to nine before I see other people on the street in any numbers, and I'm pretty happy to have had the city to myself for a while, to get my bearings (or lose them?) By now I've completed half a circuit, starting from Centraal Station I've made it down to museumplein. I find some pastry and beat the crowds to the museums.

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