Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Obama and McCain get the nod from Belarus

What would happen if international groups took to endorsing political candidates in the US elections?  J.E.H. Smith: makes a strong case for the Belarusian endorsement of "Barack Obama, senator of City Chicago and nephew of Saddam Hussein" and "John McCain, senator of City Phoenix and number-one opponent of current president George W. Bush within Republican party".  Most revealing, however, is the analysis of "Hillary Rodham Clinton, organizer of popular solidarity-building women's breakfasts for discussion of hair-hygiene and of place of woman in American politics, and only official wife of number-one enemy of Serbs and all Slavic peoples, Bill Clinton. " (best read with a Belarusian accent):
Even in Soviet times we had saying: "The Woman: it is also Person!"  In Belarus, we have many women in political offices.  For example, Nadezhda Kholstyak is undersecretary of Dairy and Eggs, and Academician Elena Ostrovskaya is ad hoc advisor for the problems relating to Chernobyl Incident.  In Belarus, we are not afraid of a woman in place of power.  Now Hillary Clinton had eight years already in White House.  During that time, she set herself one goal: the creation of new polyclinics throughout America...  Americans should be asking to Candidate Clinton: ...where can I go to pasteurize my children?
Where indeed.

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