Thursday, 3 April 2008


Kinda cool: /. is "reporting on what may be the first computer attack to inflict physical harm on victims." Using "JavaScript and strobing GIFs," bogus messages triggered migraines and seizures in users.
Definitely not cool: the target. The nonprofit Epilepsy Foundation.
For about 3% of the 50 million epileptics worldwide, flashing lights and colors can trigger seizures. "'I don't fall over and convulse, but it hurts,' says [an IT worker in Ohio]. 'I was on the phone when it happened, and I couldn't move and couldn't speak.' ... Circumstantial evidence suggests the attack was the work of members of Anonymous, an informal collective of griefers best known for their recent war on the Church of Scientology. The first flurry of posts on the epilepsy forum referenced the site EBaumsWorld, which is much hated by Anonymous. And forum members claim they found a message board thread — since deleted — planning the attack at, a group stronghold."

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MikeW said...

Oh man. I'm one of the protesters against the Church of Scientology, and I really don't understand how people could be blaming us for this thing. Anyone can be anonymous on-line, people need to take a look at the websites these griefers operate on. The people who run sites like 7chan are against our protests. Scientology is against its members taking medication to stop them from getting seizures, for example, Tory "Magoo" Christman -

Jocelyn Dorfmann died from an epileptic seizure in Scientology care in France -

Heribert Pfaff died from an epileptic seizure in a Scientology hotel in Clearwater -

James Stewart committed suicide after CoS put in him in a Condition of Doubt for having epileptic seizures in public -