Monday, 30 August 2010

Launch of Spontaneous Generations 4:1

I am extremely proud to announce the publication of the fourth instalment of Spontaneous Generation: A Journal for the History and Philosophy of Science. Here's the table of contents:

Vol 4, No 1 (2010): Scientific Instruments: Knowledge, Practice, and Culture

Table of Contents

Focused Discussion

Scientific Instruments: Knowledge, Practice, and Culture [Editor’s Introduction]PDF
Isaac Record1-7
The Challenge of Authenticating Scientific Objects in Museum Collections: Exposing the Forgery of a Moroccan Astrolabe Allegedly Dated 1845 CEPDF
Ingrid Hehmeyer8-20
People as Scientific InstrumentsPDF
Maarten Derksen21-29
Equipment for an ExperimentPDF
Rom Harré30-38
An Instrument for What? Digital Computers, Simulation and Scientific PracticePDF
Wendy S. Parker39-44
Great Pyramid Metrology and the Material Politics of BasaltPDF
Michael J. Barany45-60
Let Freeness Ring: The Canadian Standard Freeness Tester as Hegemonic EnginePDF
James Hull61-70
The Machine Speaks FalselyPDF
Allan Franklin71-84
Reading Measuring InstrumentsPDF
Mario Bunge85-93
Engineering RealitiesPDF
Davis Baird94-110
Conceptual Sea ChangesPDF
Paul Humphreys111-115
Extended Thing KnowledgePDF
Mathieu Charbonneau116-128
Otto in the Chinese RoomPDF
Philip Murray McCullough129-137
Humans not InstrumentsPDF
Harry Collins138-147
Apparatus and Experimentation RevisitedPDF
Trevor H. Levere148-154
Material Culture and the Dobsonian TelescopePDF
Jessica Ellen Sewell, Andrew Johnston155-162
Taming the “Publication Machine”: Generating Unity, Engaging the Trading ZonesPDF
François Thoreau, Maria Neicu163-172
Concepts as Tools in the Experimental Generation of Knowledge in Cognitive NeuropsychologyPDF
Uljana Feest173-190


Domesticating the Planets: Instruments and Practices in the Development of Planetary GeologyPDF
Matthew Benjamin Shindell191-230
“Old” Technology in New Hands: Instruments as Mediators of Interdisciplinary Learning in MicrofluidicsPDF
Dorothy Sutherland Olsen231-254


Out the Door: A Short History of the University of Toronto Collection of Historical Scientific InstrumentsPDF
Erich Weidenhammer, Michael Da Silva255-261


Ian Hesketh. Of Apes and Ancestors: Evolution, Christianity, and the Oxford DebatePDF
Sebastian Assenza262-265
Marc Lange. Laws and Lawmakers: Science, Metaphysics, and the Laws of NaturePDF
Christopher Belanger266-269
William Sims Bainbridge. The Warcraft Civilization: Social Science in a Virtual WorldPDF
Bruce J. Petrie270-272
Steven Shapin. The Scientific Life: A Moral History of a Late Modern VocationPDF
Michael Cournoyea273-275
Learning From Artifacts: A Review of the “Reading Artifacts: Summer Institute in the Material Culture of Science,” Presented by The Canada Science and Technology Museum and Situating Science ClusterPDF
Jaipreet Virdi276-279
Aaron A. Cohen-Gadol and Dennis D. Spencer. The Legacy of Harvey Cushing: Profiles of Patient CarePDF
Delia Gavrus280-282
Adrian Parr. Hijacking SustainabilityPDF
R. Moore283-285
Eileen Crist and H. Bruce Rinker, eds. Gaia in Turmoil: Climate Change, Biodepletion and Earth Ethics in an Age of CrisisPDF
Julia Agapitos286-288
David Pantalony. Altered Sensations: Rudolph Koenig’s Acoustical Workshop in Nineteenth-Century ParisPDF
Sarah-Jane Patterson289-291
Michael Strevens. Depth: An Account of Scientific ExplanationPDF
Anthony Kulic292-299

ISSN: 1913-0465

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