Saturday, 28 August 2010

The Less Feature

Scott Adams wants The Less Feature:
The other day I planned for a very simple trip from A to B. I started with Orbitz.... Over the next several hours I tried sorting by flight time, shortest route, and price. Then I tried JetBlue's site.... Then I tried United Airlines' site.... At some point in the process I crossed a line: The time to plan and book the trip took longer than it will take to fly across the entire country.
Worse yet, I don't have the slightest confidence that I got the best deal or the most convenient flight. And just to make things interesting, the flight's on-time rating is in the "rarely" range. That means I probably didn't book any flight at all....  
I would pay extra to have fewer travel choices.
(cf. Trader Joe's, which has 4,000 SKUs. Most supermarkets have 50,000.)

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