Saturday, 11 September 2010

Blogs of note

Blog fever has hit Toronto's HPS community, with the recent addition of The Bubble Chamber, there are at least half a dozen blogs written by my colleagues at IHPST.

Here are the Toronto blogs, in no particular order (I hope I haven't forgotten anyone):
  • Mike Thicke, Curtis Forbes, Michelle Hoffman, Jonathan Turner, Andrew Munro, Ellie Louson, Michael Cournoyea, and Rebecca Moore are all contributors to The Bubble Chamber (as time goes on, the list will grow).
  • Jaipreet Virdi discusses history of medicine, deafness, and quackery at From the Hands of Quacks.
  • Ellie Louson muses about grad school at Productive (adj).
  • Aaron Sidney Wright is a historian of physics who has been saying interesting things about scientific practice at his blog, False Vacuum.
  • Jonathan Turner writes about grad school, teaching, and Cold War defence research in Canada over at Boffins and Cold Warriors.
  • Sarah Kriger's Ramblings are more focused on writing, plays, and television than on her research, but it's still great stuff.
  • Allan Olley occasionally discusses his work on the history of computing on 4ll4n0.
While I'm at it, here are a few of my favourite non-Toronto HPS blogs:
That makes for a lot of reading!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Isaac!

Anonymous said...

The extent to which I blog at all, much less about my work, has been seriously lacking for the past year. I am now a contributor (1 post so far) to the IT History Society blog

I suppose if you can revive think deviant than I should be able to get back into the blogosphere...

S. R. Kriger said...

Just noticed - thanks for the link!