Sunday, 18 May 2008

may 18 roundup

  • Rate Your Students (hat tip to regular reader Zac)
  • One potential solution to the problem of invasive species? Microwave them to death! Via /.
  • Something new from Gladwell: on Myhrvold's "invention factory"
  • Rubik's cube too easy? Try megaminx, the 4-D version.
  • Or have a look at a life-size photo of a blue whale. Via /.
  • Understand quantum theory but not US politics? (or vice-versa?) This may help: "Transactioner: 'If I vote for Nader, it won't lead to Bush winning the election, because causality is an illusion' Questioner: 'But if you vote for Nader instead of Gore in a close election, aren't you aiding Bush?' Transactioner: 'Bah! You silly Democrats and your respect for chronology. I can just go back in time and change my vote to Gore if Bush wins!'"

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