Sunday, 25 May 2008

may 25 roundup

  • Tomato Genetically Modified To Be More Expensive.
  • grade inflation: "I am going to warn you one last chance I am going to ask I want a better than a B-. If I see this [grade] I swear to god I am going to f---ing put you in a wheelchair when I see you..."
  • We must LOL, and so we shall. [via Torontoist]
  • What to do about high tuition costs at wealthy institutions: tax them! Uh, no. If the idea is to induce Harvard to lower tuition, don't ask for a share of their profits (which induces them to pass on their new tax burden to students by raising tuition). Lower Harvard's tax burden by a function of the difference between Harvard's tuition and the tuition at the University of Massachusetts. Use the revenues to subsidize UMass and further lower tuition there. That's a winning combination.
  • In other Massachusetts-related news, Jake Young gives us some of the science behind Senator Ted Kennedy's glioma.
  • Should we remove legal barriers to establishing low stakes prediction markets? Perhaps, but I predict we won't. Hah! See what I did right there?
  • Chemistry rocks.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

First you should have bet we won't remove legal barriers to prediction markets, that would have been far more clever.

Second that chemistry video is great right up until it shows the Potassium versus Water fight. The proper way to dramatize that would have been to have two Hydrogens hanging around an Oxygen and then have two Potassiums come up and violently throw the Hydrogens out. What is wrong with the producers of that video?!